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CCA Continues Fighting for All California Drycleaners
CCA Continues Fighting for All California Drycleaners

As CA legislators consider ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, CCA is voicing its concerns over the recent efforts to mandate electrification.  

CCA Members are working to contact our government leaders and make sure they are aware that we care about energy affordability, independence and choice – not a “one-size-fits-all” solution.  There is a great effort being made to mandate electric power over other choices like natural gas, petroleum,, and other power sources.  

Members of the CCA Board of Directors recently participated in agency hearings (pictured above) on the proposed regulations.  Sassan Rahimzadeh, CCA Vice President and Michael Leeming of Parker Boiler, represented CCA in the southern hearings, while President Jim Douglas and Board Member Lynnette Watterson attended the public hearing in the northern part of the state.

“We are all for reducing the carbon footprint,” offered Leeming at the hearing, “but because some of this power will still need to come from a natural gas power plant, by the time it is transmitted to the site, as much as 50% of it can be lost from combustion efficiency of the boiler generating power, converting it to electricity, and transmitting it.  It is not efficient nor is it economical.”

“Natural gas is clean burning,” continued Leeming, “and the boilers in CA are all required to be of a greater efficiency than all other states, and are required to be low emission.  We are already curbing our use of fossil fuels and are reducing our reliance on traditional sources.  But the fact remains, we need to be practical and reasonable as we look to the future.  It is simply not a one-size fits all approach.”

Many cities have adopted resolutions advocating for such a choice. Other cities, such as Berkley, have banned natural gas in new construction all together which CCA believes will have a detrimental impact on jobs and costs in that area.

CCA has reached out to its members to help support the cause.  You can make a difference, and the association

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Sasha Ablitt of Ablitt's Fine Cleaners
Sasha Ablitt of Ablitt's Fine Cleaners

CCA and Socal are bringing in Route Development Expert Mark Albrecht of The Route Pros to explore proven strategies for building successful routes.

The program, “10 Things We Can Do Today, To Grow Our Routes Tomorrow”, will be held on January 26, at the Parker Boiler Manufacturing Plant in Commerce, CA.  The workshop will run from 10:00 to 2:00 and lunch is provided.  

Mark Albrecht will draw on his a lifetime of experience in the drycleaning industry to lead this interactive workshop.  He focusses on the industries best (and timeless) strategies that you and your staff can implement in the field EVERYDAY. Attendees should expect to come away with several specific, tactical, and simple tasks that encourage route growth through consistently adding and retaining profitable route customers.

This program is perfect for owners, mangers, and route developers who want to grow and run more efficiently.  The strategies will demonstrate proven ways to both increase your volume and customer base.

“Establishing successful routes,” observed Peter Blake, CCA Executive Director, “is a critical component for many plants now.  People have had to diversify and go out and grab the work rather than wait for it to come over the counter.  This is a perfect program to explore your options.”

About Mark Albrecht
Mark started in the dry cleaning industry at the age of 16. He eats, drinks and breathes dry cleaning and route developing. In 2013, he joined The Route Pro staff with 14 years experience in route management and training, customer service and face-to-face selling while working for BEST Cleaners in Central Connecticut. Mark’s specialty is increasing route sales by providing continuous positive reinforcement, retention strategies and consistent face-to-face sales coaching.

Visit or call (714) 494-9350 to register or for more information.



Meet Your Executive Director
I am very excited to be working with the California Cleaners Association.  I have been involved with the North East Fabricare Association for over 25 years, and I am excited to bring some of that experience and knowledge to the West coast.  We are currently reviewing our programs and services to see what we can improve, strengthen and add.  I have been a featured speaker on marketing, social media, customer service and OSHA training.   

All members are encouraged to call or contact me at anytime.  I want to hear from you!  If there are ways we can better serve you, or things you thing the association needs to be involved in, let us know:(916-239-4070) or e-mail me at


Peter Blake,
Executive Director, CCA


Meet Your Executive Director
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